Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions contain the whole of our agreement relating to your booking and prices.


In order to protect your own interests please read our terms and conditions carefully before accepting them. Double check time & date of your booking, as this is your responsibility.


Your statutory rights are not affected by our terms and conditions.


All journeys will incur any applicable parking charge or Congestion charge or toll charge involved, it will be added to your fare.


If you booked online please make sure you received a booking confirmation from us via text message or email or callback otherwise your booking will not been processed.


For account holding customers, monthly payments are subject to a 5% account handling charge.



There is no charge if the booking is cancelled before at least 1 hours for local journeys and airport or long distance journey at least 12 hours before the pick up time otherwise full charge apply there after.


If you have any complaints they should be made in writing by email here. We will try our best to resolve your complaint. Please note that all Limerick drivers are self employed and that we act as their agent taking bookings. As such we cannot be held responsible for their personal conduct.



In the event of a refund it takes between 5 To 10 working days to reach account.